Oliva Creative Factory

The Oliva Creative Factory is São João da Madeira’s most recent cultural and artistic venue and its mission is to inspire talent and creativity.

Housed inside the former Oliva factory, one of the most important in Portugal’s industrial history, the Oliva Creative Factory comprises a shopping area, an information centre on Oliva’s history, a contemporary art museum, resident artists, a dance school and a variety of spaces for artistic and creative development and training and the staging of cultural events and activities.

Welcome Center

Located in the Torre da Oliva, one of São João da Madeira’s most emblematic and historic buildings, the Welcome Centre will provide you with all the information you need about Industrial Tourism in São João da Madeira  and about the Industrial Heritage Routes. Here, you can book visits to factories, request the services of an industrial tour guide, get the answers to your questions and book workshops. A team will be available to assist you and introduce you to your industrial tour guide or provide you with a multimedia guide about the factories or institutions that you want to visit. Call in at the Welcome Centre and find out immediately what there is to see. Take a look at the interactive table containing information about the route or learn about the history of Viarco and the Oliva Factory using two interactive chronological bars.

This site is the starting point for an unforgettable journey to the past, present and future of our industrial history.


• Customer service and bookings for visits

• Industrial tour guides and multimedia audio guides available (in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish) 

• Interactive multimedia space

• Lounge area and interactive children’s lounge

• Porto and the North of Portugal Tourist Board Shop

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Address:  Rua da Fundição, 240

3700-119 São João da Madeira

Telephone:  +351 256 004 100

E-mail:  olivacreativefactory@cm-sjm.pt

Website:  http://www.olivacreativefactory.com