Criativity Theather

São João da Madeira utterly lacks a theater hall, which, in modern Portugal, constitute an indispensable equipment of affirmation and cultural promotion, benefiting the majority of those who live and work in the city, especially the youth. 

The House of Performing Arts and Creativity today which lacks in São João da Madeira will have a total versatility, allowing hosting, the best technical conditions, Opera, Theatre, Symphonic Concert of Rock and Contemporary, Circus Arts, Conferences, Presentations and Models Passage, Choral Groups and Television Studio of television series. 

It is thus a modern multifunction room, the first to install in our country, but already has solid experience in various European cities. 

In São João da Madeira there are fortunately excellent conditions for installing a multifunction Theatre. The old Emperor Cinema today is not useful to the city but is located in a central, privileged place, and occupies a sufficient area to the new destination. 

The House of Arts of São João da Madeira will host conferences with 600 participants, or about 400 spectators in the show more complex. The stage may occupy any space, central or lateral and the entire space can even be subdivided into two rooms for simultaneous use. 

Technically, the various settings of the multifunction room is achieved through movement, fully motorized, pallets lift and retractibles, pre-installed with chairs. These settings, preprogrammed computer, enable the complete transformation of the space in about one hour. 

The project of the House of Performing Arts briefly described, is a complex job that requires very high professional and expertise competence, because it has to address more effectively with the problems faced by a large public facility, as well as solve peculiar issues for the most diverse performing arts

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