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During Andebolmania it will exist a hand full of activities for the visitors.

City visit to Porto and Aveiro could be organized and also museum's and all the places to visit in the city.


Through a reservation it's possible for parents and anyone who visits Andebolmania to make a trip to Porto and Aveiro with dinner included.
Both cities are at 35km from S. João DA Madeira.
The visit will begin at 15:00 and it will end at 22:00


  • AVEIRO | 2 of APRIL

Considered the Venice of Portugal, the trip includes a boat trip in the characteristics Moliceiros.
See here the promotional video of Aveiro.Click here
See some pictures of Aveiro. Click here


  • PORTO | 3 of APRIL

Considered as one of the best touristic cities in the world, Porto have lots of interests.The Douro River, the world famous Porto Wine, the old town, etc.
See some pictures of Porto. Click here



45 € | Price per person/each city

80 € | Pack price per person, both cities

Make your reservation directly on www.roquetur.com,
Telephone: 00 351 256 829607