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Founded in 1924, Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense is one of the most eclectic clubs in Portugal.

With more than 1000 players on the the various sports that held, the club has a great history.

With Handball, Futbal, Rink Hoquei, Basketball, Gimn, Atletics the club is well known for its great results in basis categories, where in the last 10 years have reached lots of national titles.

At this moment Rink Hoquei is on the main Portuguese division, Handball and Basketball is on the 2nd national division, and football on the national championship.

Handball have already more than 60 years of history of the club, and is well known for its dynamic and event's impressive organization, as ANDEBOLMANIA the major one.

It has male and female categories with a total of 12 teams.

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