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"Andebolmania passed all expectations"- Labor, Newspaper

"A definitive and amazing experience. Arteixo handball participated in one of the most prestigious handball tournament of the Iberian Peninsula." El Noticiero de Arteixo, Newspaper

"Urnietako would like to congratulate the amazing organization of Andebolmania, for the big welcome and kindness of the staff during the tournament days. We came back home wishing to participate in Andebolmania 2015. A big thanks". Urnietako Handball, Esterrik Asko

"Andebolmania 2014 party was amazing. Exceptional organization and a big thanks for the kindness of the staff. Next year we will came back for sure." Arteixo Handball


Andebolmania started in 1991, and by that time the main idea was to proportionate more competitive to the Sanjoanense teams, offeringshared and competition moments, with high level teams.

During the time the tournament was getting bigger and bigger until today.

At this moment is one of the most prestigious handball tournament in Portugal, and have a high level of awareness in Spain.
We pretend to turn Andebolmania in the best youth tournament in Portugal and one of the best in the Iberian Peninsula.

At this moment Andebolmania is much more than a simple handball tournament. 

During the tournament there exists a big party for all participants, in Oliva Creative Factory, an amazing place in the city.
Handball, friendship, competition, Culture, tourism, party, etc.

Andebolmania is a multicultural event that goes abroad sport. It’s a mix of different cultures, traditions and moments, that for sure will kept in the memory of the participants.

The city also involves in the tournament spirit, making the days of the tournament, days to remember.

This year we will count on having lots of Spanish teams, the best Portuguese teams, and also French and Nordics.

This is our bet, and for that you must participate also.

The staff